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Price list & General Information


  • Pet Check-ins start between 7am-4pm. Any check-ins needed for a later or earlier time must be agreed on by owner and client and will be charged $25 convenience fee.

  • Deposit must be made to book time and date. Deposit is 30% of stay total amount. 

  • Check outs after 6 Hours are charged full day price starting at $70.00

  • Overnight Checks out are available between 8am-12pm

  •  Day Stay rates: One pup stay - $10 hour, Two pups stay - $95 + 10hr, Three pups stay - $135+10 hr, Four pups stay - $160+10hr. 

  • Board and train last 4 weeks and follow same guidelines for drop off and pickup

  • Same day Overnights - start at $80 no negotiations, plus normal price for overnight board!!!

  • Overnights start at $100 per night. 

  • Day boarding includes - 45min Training session, 2 dog walks, and playtime $120.00.

Basic Obedience & Manners Training

Our basic obedience are both one on one sessions and class settings. Classes are scheduled in a 7 week course with 12 participants per class. Starting age for basic obedience is 12 weeks of age. Puppy S.T.A.R is available with this course.

Behavioral Manners training is strictly one on one training with you and your dog. Focusing primarily on behavior, Communication, Canine language and Ques. For example leash pulling, crate anxiety, reactivity and resource guarding would all be apart of this course.


  • Walk in & Drop offs are allowed between 7am-1pm Everyday

  • Daycare hours of operation are 7am-6pm

  • Half day are 4 hours which is half work day. Anytime longer then fours hours for a stay is considered Full day stay

  • Pets can be picked up until 10 pm but there will be additional charge for over stay.

  • 6 or more-hour stay will be priced at overnight rate$100.00

  •     Standard pricing for Daycare - ​

    Half day- $10 hr

Week Half day package- $250( $30 Savings)

Full day-$60.00-$80.00

Week Full day package-$ $360 6 hours-$500 8 hours($60 Saving)


Weekly-$620 ( $80 Savings)

Monthly - $2400

General Information

All Courses can be booked online or over the phone. If you have any question about our courses pick up the phone and call us : 262-388-2257

Daycare and Boarding Holidays rates( $5 Increase per day)

Late pickup fee-$20

Cancelation must be made 3 hours before drop off time or payment will be forfeited for convenience fee.


Our Services

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